How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A WiFi Hotspot

Sometimes when we are doing important work on Internet and suddenly the connection goes down, it’s like everything is stop and it make you feel helpless. But now most of us carry smartphones and have an option to turn our smartphone into WIFI Hotspot and start using Internet (Your Smartphone Internet) on your laptop. The process is simple and quick. Follow these steps to set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Android Smartphone

For iOS Users  How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot


  • Go To Settings
WiFi Hotspot

Go To Settings

  • Tap On More
WiFi Hotspot

Tap On More

  • Then Tap On Wireless & networks
  • Now Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot

WiFi Hotspot

  • Turn portable hotspot on
WiFi Hotspot

Turn portable hotspot on


Now on your laptop – In Wi-Fi Setting – Search for your Android device (Wi-Fi hotspot) enter the password and start browsing Internet.


The menu Options / Names can vary slightly on some phones. You just have to get in to the wireless settings section, normally there you will find the hotspot options.

Now, you’ll see a few tethering options. And here you can also go for your Hotspot encryption in case you are using it in a public location. The Network SSID will be set default to AndroidAP but you can change that and a password to something that is secure but also easy to remember.

Sometime this feature may require a tethering plan to be activated from your carrier. There are so many third-party apps in Google Play that will help you to bypass a tethering plan, but I wont recommend any, Go by the rules and enjoy!!

I hope this feature will be useful for you. Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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