India is a vast land. One’s entire life isn’t sufficient to explore and experience the major attractions, culture, traditions, history, importance, cuisines, and a lot more at every new you try to find in India.

Today we have set our foot on the soil of Kasauli. Kasauli is an excellent hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This small place serves as an army cantonment, and more over the pleasant weather, snow-clad mountain surrounding, dense forest make Kasauli a great choice amongst tourists.

This beautiful hill town is still untouched by modernity, seems like it is still in the colonial era. A short visit to this mountain getaway gives a refreshing experience.

We had an amazing weekend trip to Kasauli where we enjoyed every bit of the ambience, natural windy paths, flora and lovely gardens and orchards along the colonial styled homes.

Where To Stay In Kasauli

We stayed at one of the best leisure hotels in Kasauli – 7 Pines which is considered as an English Retreat. This home style leisure hotel provides guests cozy and comfortable rooms.

The rooms have their own separate verandas that overlook the pristine Shimla hills and the forests. It is a great choice to stay at this luxurious property.

7 Pines has a lovely restaurant place where scrumptious food is served. The chefs are mostly traditional in their recipes that prefer to prepare homely meals using hand-picked fresh vegetables and the regional local spices.

They also have an open terrace lounge where you get to relish cuisines with the alfresco dining option.

Like any other hotels/resorts, this boutique hotel situated in the heart of the nature also offers a banquet hall where guests can plan to host a party or any kind of other event. The space is intimate and just right to hold your private celebrations.

7 Pines is just perfect to enjoy a relaxed retreat in the hills over the weekend. The ambience and the well decorated exteriors and interiors of the property promise you one of the most alluring experiences.

What to do in Kasauli

While staying in 7 Pines – Kasauli, there are several things one can do to keep the entire day occupied. Many people speak of adventurous time spent.

By staying at 7 Pines in Kasauli we experienced and enjoyed excellent recreational events. The area has several walking trails and excursions. It is the perfect getaway destination for families like ours.

Not just for guests with kids, the destination is perfect for couples, group of friends and also solo back packers.

Kasauli is a popular hill town with several must-see spots. Every spot gathers tourists to a great number.

Key locations which are included in every tourist’s itinerary are Central Research Institute, the Baptist ad the Christ Church, the famous Kasauli Brewery. The well-known and the very popular Nahri Temple offer divinity at thousands of feet above the sea level.

Kasauli is a trekker’s paradise. The cool comfortable weather and the not-so-crowded localities make trekking one of the most fascinating things here. Don’t forget to pack your walking shoes and track suits.

Walking in Kasauli is romantic since the nature walk is picture perfect in every corner and every bend.

Bird watching is an experience like no-where-else in Kasauli. Follow the path of Gilbert trail to witness lofty hills, thick woods, rich flora and fauna, rarest species of birds and plants.

Shopping is the best part of the trip to Kasauli, time for a spree. The lower mall road is lined up with Tibetan shops that sell gift souvenirs, handicrafts, handwoven clothings, fruit wines, jams and marmalades; and a lot more that are popular in the locality.

Kasauli offers a peaceful holiday with some amazingly engrossing activities. This picturesque destination is such that, it can be visited any number of times and there is always something new you will find to come back again.

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