Fat Loss … Hate to break it to you, but loading up on coconut water or any other so-called sliming drink probably isn’t going to melt your gut any more effectively than snacking on junk foods. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a hold of foods that actually do fight belly fat. Everyday foods may serve as your best defense against extra chub. You’ll feel full for a long time, and these foods will eventually help lose that stubborn without you even knowing it. So stock up your kitchen with these ten staples and watch the extra chub drop:

1.   Milk and Dairy
Fat Loss

Fat Loss


Maybe it’s time to consider trading in your slim-down shake for a tall glass of milk. A study concluded that drinking milk nearly doubles your weight loss efforts. People on diet who guzzled about two glasses of milk a day lost 12 pounds over 6 months, as compared to others. This study also validated that calcium also improves your metabolism and interferes with fat formation.

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