You can ask anyone the causes of Weight Gain Reasons and you will get the same answer. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, bad food habit, eating more than the required amounts are some well known causes of weight gain. But you should think twice about them who eat a lot and also carries a sedentary lifestyle but don’t put on an extra pound. But there is also some people who follows strict diets but even they end up putting weight on. They sometimes say that they even put on weight even they would eat only air! Jokes apart but this is a serious concern.

If you are one who deliberately goes to gym and works hard there to get rid of those extra pounds, follows a strict diet, or consumes diet pills but you end up in adding weight to your body instead of weight loss, then this post will unveil some mysterious fact about weight gain.

1.  Stress And Depression
Weight Gain Reasons

Weight Gain Reasons


Now these two are like silent killers! Depression is not only for those who have passed through heartbreak. Any man or woman, exposed to certain work pressure can be a victim of stress and then depression. Physical and mental trauma can make a person severely affected by chronic stress and chronic depression. They lost the ability to think clearly and work efficiently. Their bodily systems get hampered. The role of cortisol hormone is important in weight gain due to stress. It is a stress hormone released when person suffering from mental or physical stress and increases the appetite! As a result of this, you end up gaining weight.

Various treatments are there to compact stress or depression. Improvement of your condition will be reflected on your body too. Just stay happy and anxiety free.


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