Wedding season is upon us. Just another couple of months and we all will be flooded with invitation cards. The wedding season is a magical one. With the celebration of love all around with girls being their perfect brides and bride groom enjoying each moment of the day. But weddings are also a big day for both a food lover and a fashion enthusiast. Today, we will be sticking to the fashion lovers. We have narrowed down the top 5 Wedding Jewelry Trends of this season.

Choker Necklaces

choker-necklaces - Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends


Remember the stunning Rajput style necklaces that Aishwarya Rai wore in Jodhaa Akbar. Well they are back with bang. The choker necklaces have been making waves for quite some time now. Not only for casual style but also for weddings. Big neckpieces like these make bold statements. Complete gold choker necklaces with gems on them are a hot pick this season.


Big Nathni

big-nathni - Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends 

The bigger the better seems to be the motto of the wedding season this year. After Deepika padukone’s lovely nose ring in the song Deewani mastani from the movie Bajirao Mastani, Has set a benchmark for nose rings this year with intricate detailing around them. They are everyone’s favorites this time.


Haath Phool

haath-phool - Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends

Last year these made an entrance but this time they are huge adorning an accessory that covers your fingers and the back of your hand is pretty much in vogue. In fact they even make your mehndi standout.



armbands - Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends

Accessories for hands seem to be the major thing this season. The armbands are worn above your elbow mostly have a major stone in the middle. Considering anyone who wears sleeveless blouses or is not a fan of bangles should definitely give it a shot.



waistbands - Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends 

One has to admit we all really work out super hard for that flat stomach. Well show it off so, wear a waistband and give desi twirl. Dance your night away with the waistband on your waist.

Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends
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