Back in school days you might have read about male hormone and female hormone. Talking about male hormone Testosterone which is dominant in men is responsible for making them males. Women too have this male hormone, but in a very small amount…Increase Testosterone Level.
Increase Testosterone Level


Why Is Testosterone Important?

If you are wondering why testosterone is so important that you should work towards increasing or at-least maintaining its level; then let us remind you, it is this hormone that helps to increase muscle mass and strength. It reduces fat and stimulates sperm production. Testosterone maintains bone strength.


What Causes Testosterone Level To Decline?

Declination in the level of testosterone is natural after the age of 30. It dips at least 1% each year, and can dip 2% after 40 years.

Apart from the age factor, there are also other factors that lower the testosterone level. Obesity, stress, diabetes, bad habits like smoking and alcohol, poor diet, nutritional deficiency, HIV infection

People suffering from even one of these factors have been found to have significant decrease in hormone level.

Low testosterone reduces sexual desire. Loss of body hair, muscles weakness, low semen count, depression, male breast enlargement; these are some of the common problems observed.

How Do You Increase Testosterone Level Naturally?


1 – Foods High In Zinc

Zinc is a must include in your food as it is responsible in producing testosterone naturally. Zinc helps in producing healthier and higher count of sperms.

Zinc rich foods are – fish, mushroom, chicken, wheat germ, nuts, spinach, beans.


2 – Healthy Fats

Pure ghee is a healthy fat which is very essential for absorbing other nutrients which you consume. Healthy fat nourishes nervous system and increases testosterone level.

Healthy fat foods – pure ghee, milk, coconut, coconut oil, almonds, egg.


3 – Branched Chain Amino Acid

This type of amino acid is not generated in our body. It has to be included in our diet through supplements. This amino acid plays an important role in increasing testosterone and human growth hormone levels.

Branched Chain Amino Acid is contained Whey protein, animal protein, egg white protein.


4 – Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamins B6

ZMA Supplements are the most well-known testosterone boosters. The combination of Zinc and Magnesium along with natural vitamins put into one capsule will work in raising your T-levels.


5 – Quit alcohol

Even a moderate consumption of alcohol has shown at least 20%decrease in testosterone levels. Alcoholics become feminised, lose body hair, fat gets deposited behind the nipples making it look like man breasts


6 – Do Compound Exercises

Compound exercises like deadlifts and squats work on bigger groups of muscles which stimulates central nervous system and produces testosterone and Human Growth Hormone thus increasing their levels.


7 – Proper Diet and Sleep

Proper diet and enough sleep should always be on top of your list of your daily activities if you are serious about your health, fitness and testosterone levels.


8 – Relieve From Constant Stress

Constant stress can rapidly reduce your testosterone levels. It will quickly depress things that are trying to help your T-levels.


Increase Testosterone Level
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