Singapore Night Safari, Sounded interesting to us and we visited this during our Singapore tour. It started with a bus taking us from the hotel around 4 Pm and it was a1-hour drive to the night safari. After entering the premises, we bought tickets and there was a along queue for the safari. We waited for almost 30 mins in the queue to get the tram.

It seemed like they had opened tram kind of a vehicle, where they allow few people to sit in and vehicle starts moving. You just have to be seated in your seat and see animals on your left and right side from the tram only. One automated voice system is installed which kept on guiding you about the animals that you can see next and on which side. This tour took hardly around 20 minutes.

2 Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari

My experience –

The vehicle was travelling a bit too fast, which made it difficult for us to see the animals. And the lighting also was dim to really see the creatures. You are not allowed to take pictures with flash and due to low light you cant take pictures. I went there with friends so to be honest I found it very boring but if you travelling with kids and family then I am sure kids would love this tour. Don’t forget to apply mosquito repellent before going to the safari.


Well its one of the most visited places in Singapore as the whole concept seems amazing but honestly it is over hyped. If travelling with friends you can skip it.


Singapore Night Safari
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