Flying in an economy class has become a common mode today, definitely its easy fast and upgraded version than train, but flying via economic class is not a best comfort zone, especially when we have business class option available. Here again business classes are pretty costly in term of economic class so here I share 7 travel hacks which can hop you to the business class if you are lucky enough… Upgrade Business Class.


  1. Book Early

Upgrade Business Class | Travel Hacks | TrendingFeeds
Booking early will help you in fetching the cheap deal, such as a free companion ticket. You might find just a slight difference between the economy and business class when you book early. In case you’ve delayed booking, you might find that when economy is almost booked up, the fares have rocketed enough to warrant a small difference from the cheapest business class fare.


  1. Pay The Difference

If someone else pays for your ticket eg the company, you might have to shed little amount to upgrade to a business class and travel comfortably, especially on a long-haul flight.


  1. Loyalty Programs

Upgrade Business Class | Travel Hacks | TrendingFeeds

Frequent flyers may benefit from the loyalty programs offered by the airlines; airline loyalty could reap upgrades since many airlines offer upgrades against miles. On busy routes and during peak season, airlines tend to overbook their economy cabin and then need to move passengers to business class. They usually upgrade frequent flyers first, depending on the membership type. You should also try and use a credit card that partners with your preferred airline, so that you earn miles every time you spend.

  1. Upgrade Request

Upgrade Business Class | Travel Hacks | TrendingFeeds

A polite manner and a good communication skill can also lead you to a business class. If the flight is overbooked, just ask politely if there is a chance to upgrade, and you might be issued a business class boarding pass.


  1. Dress Well


Your dressing style defines your overall personality and attitude, Being smartly attired and well-groomed, goes a long way – as does having minimal hand luggage.


  1. Drop Off Your Bags Just As The Counter Closes

Upgrade Business Class | Travel Hacks | TrendingFeeds

Check-in online to avoid being declined a boarding pass, and arrive to drop off your bags at the last moment. Chances are, if the flight is overbooked, that they’ve handed your seat to another passenger. As you have been assigned a seat, you might just get bumped up to business class.


  1. Personal Connection

Upgrade Business Class | Travel Hacks | TrendingFeeds

You can get an upgrade through a personal connection to the crew or captain, be the last to board the flight. This helps the crew know which seats are vacant in business class, so they can guide you directly to an available seat. Then sit back, and enjoy the ride.


Upgrade Business Class
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