Unhealthy Foods: We’ve all been there…  You’re doing your work as usual and suddenly your eyes start to feel drowsy. You feel like all the energy is sucked out of you. Now obviously you’ve been sitting all day in one position, so that can be one of the reason for you feeling all tired. Other than that, the kind of food you put in your body plays an important role in killing your energy.

The key word here is energy. Both calories and carbohydrates give you energy. So when we eat foods that are rich in calories and carbs, they give you a sudden burst of energy. And if you don’t exercise to burn those carbs, your body will tend to crash and store that excess energy as fat.

So you need to include those foods that will maintain your energy and won’t lead to a crash. Your best option to feel energetic all day is to start your day with a breakfast containing lean proteins and fiber.

Foods with excess carbs and sugar will tire you out as you go through the day. Some of the foods that are guilty of depriving you of energy and making you feel drowsy are mentioned below:.

  1. Alcohol
Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods


You might think a glass of wine the day before won’t hurt. But when you consume alcohol, you are unable to go to deep sleep as your body is still processing the alcohol. This lack of a good night’s sleep is bound to make you feel tired the next day.

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