Is your Phone has got stolen / lost or you want to track your children / friend’s. GPS technology can help you to track a phone and locate it with accurate location. Tracking process varies depending on whether you are tracking your own phone or someone else’s. Read and learn how to track cell phone with GPS

Tracking Someone Else’s Phone

  1. Install a third-party tracking app on the phone you want to track.
Track Cell Phone

How to Track Cell Phone With GPS

There are so many third-party applications available in the market which allow you to track devices. You can only track those phones that have application installed on that.

For Android phone (GPS Tracking Pro) and for iOS users (GPS Tracker)

Android: On this platform we have apps that disguise themselves

iOS: If you want to install a hidden tracking application then your phone should be Jailbroken

Tracking without consent is illegal in most countries.


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