Tourist Scams … When you land at a station it often happens that you might seek someone’s help to move further. Or someone might just approach you asking for help or offering you help.

At this time of getting out of your travel coach with all your luggage and belongings you are a little self occupied and of course you cannot think much.

Be cautious, people approaching you might have an agenda to loot you. Many come near with the intention of pick pocketing you.

There are Tourist scams, cheats, and you may be the easy scape-goat.

While you have travelled to a new place or country, you should always be cautious of how you spend your money.

  1. Gem stones
gem-stones Tourist Scams

Tourist Scams


Gem stones are expensive. And identifying a genuine stone and its quality is not easy for a common man. The appearance of gemstones might look real like, but they could be fake. Similarly any inexpensive fake metal can be cheated to look like real one.

  1. Faux products

faux-products Tourist Scams


Vendors are experienced in fooling customers. They might show you a real one and convince you of the quality and the special discount price. But at the right moment the vendors will change the product with a fake one while handing over to you.

Adidas, Nike, Fastrack, all these products are usually offered at special discount prices only to realize later that you bought home a fake on.

  1. Timeshare Scam

Tourist Scams


Special Gifts for every first 50 customers”; “Scratch the card and win”; “50% off on the bill”; the usual offers the retailers try to push through us. In reality he has commission on every sale movement he makes, this commission expense too is paid by we customers.

If at all you win by chance, then you might get to use few holiday coupons or free accommodation at a very nasty place. Remember, nothing is free in this world.


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