Science explains several things that makes sure you look attractive to other people. There are so many things which you might never have imagined that they did harm to your looks and attractiveness…Things Make Look Less Attractive.

Go through the below list.


Things Make Look Less Attractive | Trendingfeeds

Whether you are single or committed in a relationship status; well, odds are good to be. You can still seek to be attractive. Who you are greatly affects how attractive you are to many other people.


Sleep Deprived

Things Make Look Less Attractive | Trendingfeeds

The deprivation of sleep makes you look less attractive. People around you conclude that you are not healthy; you are sad and not responsible enough.

The lack of confidence becomes obviously visible. Well, confidence is sexy, you know about it right?


Mean Attitude

Things Make Look Less Attractive | Trendingfeeds

The evil or mean rated attitude can be a big turn-off. People who were judged as being mean/evil were considered to be less attractive.


Body Language To Appear More Confident

Things Make Look Less Attractive | Trendingfeeds

The power poses where in the person opens up the body to look big and feel confident makes one more desirable. Curling up in the form of a ball might seem cute and adorable, but that sends opposite effects to others and makes you to be considered as less desirable.


Too Happy or Proud

Things Make Look Less Attractive | Trendingfeeds

Studies have revealed that men find happy looking women more attractive than those who show high pride in themselves. Guys avoid women who exhibit pride.

Whereas, women are attracted towards men who look proud.

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