Flowering Plants

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Tea bags are excellent in lowering the pH level in the soil. Tannins in tea bag help prevent fungus from infecting flowering and other garden plants.

Place few tea bags around your garden for healthy growth of the plants.


Remove Stain

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We know how difficult it is remove stubborn stains from the dishes. An easy way to loosen the stain is by using tea bag. Add tea bag to soak along with your dishes and leave it overnight. Next morning the stains are much easier to wash.


Relieve Injection Pain

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Your baby is troubled due to the pain from the recent inoculation? The soreness is still not vanished? Then relieve you baby’s pain with the help of a tea bag.

Wet a tea bag and place it over the injected area. Hold on until the soreness is soothed.


Mirror Shiner

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To get a sparkling and shining mirror, clean it by wiping with strong tea.

Brew a pot of strong tea and let it cool. Use a soft cloth and dampen it in the tea. Wipe it all over the surface of the mirror to make it streak free and highly shining.


Soothing Mouthwash
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Tea Bags Benefits


A cup of hot tea added with couple of leaves of peppermint while brewing is an excellent mouth wash. It helps ease tooth pain and other oral problems.

Discard all other store bought mouth wash bottles while you can make your own chemical-free natural mouth wash.


Used Tea Bags Benefits
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