What do you prefer drinking the very minute you wake up in the morning? Tea is the most common drink most of us prefer. Dipping a tea bag in to the hot cup of water and sipping slowly is the best thing you can begin your day with. What do you do with the used tea bag? Think again before you toss away the tea bag. Since there are loads of amazing uses of tea bag on daily basis, you can benefit a lot from your every day’s used tea bag…tea bags benefits.

Sunburn Relief

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Sunburn makes skin tender and peel away painfully. Tea bags provide great relief to the peeling skin as it has acidic properties. It helps soothe the pain.

Baggy Eyes

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If you have been suffering from baggy eyes from long nights, then two tea bags is all that you need.

Rub bags under your eyes and see the visible difference. Since black tea has tannins it calms and rejuvenates the bags under the eyes.


Hair Rinse

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Tea is an excellent medicine for the problem of dandruff in the scalp. Rinse your hair with the tea water to get that extra shine to your tresses and reduce dandruff.

To prepare tea water, soak tea in hot water for atleast an hour and use it for hair care.


Wart Healer

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Cold tea bag help decrease the size of body warts. The antioxidants in the tea bag show instant results on the infected area.


Prevent Odour

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It is widely known that tea diffuses itself in water. But little is known about its super absorbing nature. Tea can actually absorb all the terrible smells around it, this makes it a great odour remover.

Place a tea bag in your shoe and leave it overnight for a fresh smelling pair of shoes next morning.

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