Nashik is a city that normally has been visited as a pilgrimage destination.  Being on the banks of the Godavari it has a multitude of temples, some of them over a thousand years old. Once Sula set up their winery and vineyards in this already often visited locale, it started drawing thousands of more visitors. Check out Nashik Sightseeing & Travelogue. 


I have been to Nashik three times already, and I am sure I will be going there again and again.  The proximity to Mumbai makes it easy to drive down in 3 to 4 hours.  It is a really pleasant quick break, and you can cart back a lot of wine bottles.  What more can you ask for.

Sula Vineyards


Sula has a beautiful tour and wine tasting session they offer every day.  If you visit Nashik, visiting Sula is a must.  Sula offers a tour of their facilities that ends in a wine tasting.


Tours start at intervals of an hour and get filled up pretty quickly in Holiday season.  You can opt for either 4 or 6 wines and the tour price depends on the number of wines you choose to taste.  They take you around the vineyard and explain the process from growing to the picking and extraction process. The machines used to extract the white and red wines are showcased, so are the barrels used for fermentation.  It is a fun tour.



I have been at Sula Vineyards on 3 occasions and the tour takes a different course each time, including the new stuff they have acquired.  The wine tasting is fun, well for anyone who loves wine, this gives you an idea of what you want to buy.  For the uninitiated, it is a good way to get a little more knowledge on what you wines and helps understand your own preferences better.


There is wine store (obviously), that offers prices that are normally discounted as compared to the Rest of Maharashtra.  They also have interesting bottle sets that you can buy together.  Other things include wine chocolates, bottle openers, T shirts and other cute branded merchandise.   I have always had a tough time selecting what I need, since I want to buy the better part of the store.  On this visit I walked out with 6 bottles of wine.

Sula also now boasts of a few restaurants and accommodation.  I haven’t been to either yet, but may book a room at Beyond, the next trip.

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