Stretch marks are the scars formed on skin with a little off color hue. They often happened because of excessive stretching of skin beyond its elasticity. There are many reasons for stretch marks like weight loss, pregnancy, excessive workout for muscle enhancement etc. They are generally found in the areas like buttocks, inner biceps, belly, thighs etc. Initially they are darker in color but gradually they become lighter in color and are of some shades lighter than your skin tone. Now-a-days there are many company’s and doctors claim that the stretch marks can be removed but the procedure for treatment may not suit everybody’s pocket. So here are some important tips or you can say ways to stretch marks home remedies.

  1. Raw Sugar
Stretch Marks Home Remedies

Raw Sugar – Stretch Marks Home Remedies


As we all know about the exfoliating property of sugar, it can remove the dead skin of the area on which it is applied. That’s why sugar is good for lightening the scars, it will work the same way on stretch marks also. For better result make a mixture of sugar, almond oil and few drops of lemon or another suggestion is sugar mixed with olive oil and milk. The effected area should be scrubbed with sugar paste and should be kept for at least 10-15 minutes before taking it off. It is a slow process, so you will get remarkable results in a month’s time.

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