Solo Travelling and visiting new places around the world is always adventurous and interesting.

How about solo travelling? This is more adventurous and courageous. All you require is keen knowledge of the place you are visiting, self awareness and care and confidence to tackle the problems along the journey.

Only few dare to travel single not because of money or time, it is because of 10 prominent fears which might have to be faced.

  1. Fear of Safety

fear of safety


Safety is the common life threatening fear which stops you from travelling alone. In fact not just on solo travelling in any aspects safety is the main constraint. Is your destination a safe place, are the inhabitants friendly and trust worthy, what is the acceptable behaviour of the new place? In case of female solo travellers, awareness over more issues, following cultural norms, being alert, comfortable not revealing clothing and avoiding travel in a lonely dark place are the major safety constraints.
Safety can be conquered by planning your travel, extra alertness, basic knowledge about the locals and the regional language, respect to the culture and surroundings and research studies on your destination.

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