Sometimes you couldn’t find a partner or friend to accompany you as they’re bogged down with professional or personal commitments. So, you ride solo to get off the beaten path as riding lone can be a great fun which takes you to the next level in the journey of your life…Solo Bike Rider Guidelines

Since you’re the lone ranger and might going to trod long miles, here are few tips to keep you safe yet lots of fun –

Solo Bike Rider Guidelines

Keep Your Family and Friends Informed

If you’ve decided to ride alone, then keep your family and friends inform timely as they’ll go nuts if you don’t. There will be lots of questions like- Where will you be riding to? How far is the place from your home? How many days are you going to stay there? chuckling in their mind which you have to answer beforehand.

Even you should give them a call daily before starting a ride and at the stops too to let them know you’re alright. Moreover, if you know that you’re gonna be in the non-connectivity area over the next few days, let them know before it hassles your trip.

Set Shorter Daily Ride Targets

Although riding alone is a different ballgame whereas traveling in a group. You quickly tired after riding such a long patch of bumpy roads if you do not have a fellow rider to share the distance. Hence, do not attempt to ride a long distance, take your own time to cover the distance.

Keep Identification Card and In Case Of Emergency Details

While traveling, its mandate to keep an ID card and Emergency Details with you. Firmly mention your address, phone numbers, blood group, and contact numbers of at least three individuals who should be contacted at the time of emergency on paper or a card, and put it in your wallet. Try not to lose it anyway.

Get Friendly With The Locals

Locals will let the group enjoy on their own, however, if you’re riding solo, they can easily approach you to talk about travels that can be pretty entertaining at times. Locals can tell you the history of the highway and can also give you the pointers to make your way out. While getting friendly, you can click few pictures and share the same with them to be recognized until next time you pass by the same road.

Enjoy your ride!


Solo Bike Rider Guidelines
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