How To add Contacts In Snapchat | Snapchat settings


This app is more fun when you have friends to chat with, follow this simple steps and se how to add contacts

“Find Friends” Snapchat uses phone number to fine friends. You can add friend from your device’s address book by tapping “OK” when you asked “Snapchat” Would like to Access Your Contact

add Contacts In Snapchat

Find Friends

“My friends” page in Snapchat – Tap on the three lines located the bottom right corner of the camera screen.

TO Add Contacts In Snapchat, Tap the person icon in top middle of the screen – Now you will see three options

add Contacts In Snapchat

To add Contacts In Snapchat


Added Me – this option allows you can see who added you as a friend

Add friends – select any of these two options“Add By Username” or “Add From Address Book” – search for the person and then Tap the + Icon.

My Friends – in this option, you can see your Snapchat friends list


Select your preference add friends and enjoy using Snapchat


View Received Snaps.


Go to the camera screen and you will see number on the bottom-left corner of the screen (Number Shows how many unopened snaps you have)

Your contacts can send you Snaps. To open these, go to the camera screen and you’ll see a number on the bottom-left corner of the screen. This number shows how many unopened snaps you have

Snapchat settings

Number Shows How Many Unopened Snaps You Have

  • Blank triangle or square icon – you have already viewed the snap
Snapchat settings

Blank Square Icon

  • A filled-in icon next to your friends name means – you haven’t viewed the snap
Snapchat settings

A filled-in Icon


If you have any unopened Snap. Press the Snap and hold your finger on the screen till you want to see it, once you let go the Snap will disappear.


Warning – Don’t try to be smart, Snapchat team has build amazing privacy feature. If you take a screenshot of your friend’s snap, he or she will receive a notification.

Snapchat settings

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