As we know that losing weight these days is not a kids game, when we are surrounded by so tempting junk food and even our lifestyle does not allow us to stay healthy. Once in a while is still ok but try to pick your food wisely and workout is like a bonus to shed your pounds. See following Most Effective Ways To Get A Skinny Waist

  1. Water

Skinny Waist


You must be thinking that how water can help in getting slim n trim waist. It is necessary to drink ample water in whole day. Warm water and lemon can give you a good start of the day. For an adult it is important to have at least 3-5 glasses of water and 2-3 glasses of water and lemon. It boosts the metabolism and helps in burning extra fat. One should not drink cold water immediately after food, that cools down the digestive system and food takes a lot of time break down. It is good for skin too.

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