Get dressed, tight your shoes, accessorize your look, make a gesture of blowing a kiss to the mirror, and fire up onto the floor into these hottest bars, rooftop clubs and music spots in town. Singapore is being transformed into a buzzing network of bars and nightclubs from a business hub at sundown. Take a look at Singapore Nightlife.

Singapore Nightlife

Singapore Nightlife


Pangaea is a party place for the super elite class. Interiors are exotically dripped into a safari-theme like from the zebra print bar to crocodile skin couches. It is renowned as ‘the Ferrari of the nightclub world.’

Regularly on Thursday’s night, it is visited by entrepreneurs, celebs, models all around.


Velvet Underground

A popular place is known for its funky retro décor which is being located within the Zouk nightclub complex. Here, sets of chilling music played by international DJs including soul man Norman Jay and trance luminary Paul Oakenfold.

This place is adorned with the great designs like pop-art prints by Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, Velvet’s walls are covered with chic, lounge style interiors, Philipe Stark-designed furniture.


Beer Market

Rush to the beer market to try your luck into the dynamics of a stock exchange. It binds food, music, sports and links the price of alcohol to the stock’s unpredictable index altogether. Moreover, when the market hits the prices, everyone gets to take advantage of their favorite drink at a fraction of the cost. It is being done in every half hour that imparts a broad appeal to the party-crushers.


Crazy Elephant Bar

One of the oldest party venues, Crazy Elephant, is all covered with wooden rafter and graffiti that gives it a rock authenticity. Pulsating rock music is intertwined by Deep Purple, Robbie Williams and Ronan Keating with live performances starts at 10 pm every night. The music here is always live as many great rocks, blues and pop legend has played at Crazy Elephant.



Zouk is a pulsating institution that continues to push the boundaries of electronic dance music. A heart throbbing party place that has three clubs, and a wine bar. Velvet Underground and Phuture are the new encounters of the club. It also hosted some of the world’s leading DJ’s, from Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold to the Chemical Brothers and Primal Scream.


Singapore Nightlife
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