Have you ever experienced in-house feni or get bathe by an elephant or sight over tropical spice plantation? Sahakari Spice Farm Goa is the place. It is untouched by pollution that has tropical spice plantation to get yourself indulges into it.

Sahakari Spice Farm Goa | This Unseen Gem In Goa! TrendingFeeds Sahakari Spice Farm Goa | This Unseen Gem In Goa! TrendingFeeds

Here, a tropical spice plantation is spread over large area of fertile land where you’ll be a witness to see the variety of it to soak you in pure nature. They offer marvelous hospitality by the professional staff as they welcome their guests in a traditional way by offering aarti, kumkum and a garland of flowers. You’ll also get to see the experts are climbing on the coconut trees to fetch a fresh coconut and you can even undergoes to a bath by an elephant, then you’ll be served with herbal tea and organic lunch on a banana leaf from the plantation’s produce.


While refreshing your senses by meandering in the plantation where you can sight over 74 species of birds, you’ll also get to taste in-house feni which is cherry on the cake. A latest addition to the place is butterfly garden to give you a chance to enjoy in a riot of colors of our magnificent ecosystem.

The entry cost is INR 400 per person which is quite affordable. In this way, how about we simply go and explore the place at this moment.

Sahakari Spice Farm Goa
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