How To Reduce Weight Without Exercise

How much we slog to lose an inch from that belly. We all want to look our best and with as less headache as possible. Can we lose weight without work-out? All of you would be surprised to know that yes there are few simple steps that you can follow and lose weight. “How To Reduce Weight Without Exercise”

# Eat Wisely

Reduce Weight Without Exercise


Stop easting wouldn’t bring you mach result, instead you should eat healthy. Ditch those burgers and have fruit salad instead. Add more juices and fluids in your diet instead of all fatty items. If you get hunger pangs every 2 hours, try and eat those fruits and vegetables that take time to digest. Apple, Broccoli & Beans are few of them, these will keep you full for a longer time. Eat in small portions at regular intervals instead of hogging on full burger at once.


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