Nainital lies in Uttrakhand at the foothills of Kumon hill ranges. Approximately 2085 meters above the sea level the altitude of the place is pretty high. Even though Nainital is consider on of the most stunning hill station of northern India people face on regular problem. This issue is faced almost by everyone who wants to visit any hill station. That is How to reach Nainital? Considering Hill Station are located on a little remote area this question is kind of obvious. But you have nothing to worry about as we have got you completely covered and will tell you how to reach this amazing location best regarding your comfort.

How To Reach Nainital

How To Reach Nainital

By Own Car

For the ones who believe in Road tripping and have their own vehicle. The complete ride is of roughly about seven hours from Delhi. Counting all the stopovers and break that you will take you can easily reach in 8.5 hours. I would strongly recommend to take along someone on the trip who can drive so one can split the chore of driving equally. The road is pretty smooth and it will be pleasant drive with some good music an company.

By Bus

If, you don’t have a vehicle then you can take the bus. A night Volvo is what I would suggest. It will cost you about INR 700 at most and you can reach while sleeping early in the morning. It will directly drop you off at the bus station in Naintal. Even daytime buses are available.

By Train

For the ones who live extremely far off and travelling by road is not an option also are on a budget. The best option for you is the Train. Even though Naintal doesn’t have a railway station the nearest one is 35 Kilometers away that Is the Kathgodam Railway station. From there you can book a cab to nainital would cost you INR 500 to INR 800 depending on your bargaining skills.


If you have a good budget and want to travel with comfort then go by air . The Nearest airport is in Patnagar which is only available for private charted flights. The taxi fare From here To Nainital is INR 2500 –INR 5000 depending on the car you choose.


How To Reach Nainital
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