Must Visit Places Udaipur  … Your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete if you don’t visit the city of Royals – Udaipur. The City boasts of grand palaces with deep-rooted histories. There are tales of warriors and lovers. The City has so much to offer that it will leave a person completely awestruck.

Lake Pichola

Must Visit Places Udaipur - The City Of Royals

Even though at the present day this lake has been around for decades, many people still don’t know that it actually is an artificial lake made in mid 1300’s. The lake has been developed and many monuments are in and around it. If you want to just enjoy the serene beauty of the lake then don’t worry there are tons of benches around it where you can enjoy the view.


City Palace Of Udaipur

Must Visit Places Udaipur - The City Of Royals

This palace lying on the east banks of Pichola Lake can be considered as the main tourist attraction of the city. With palace almost 400 years old this where the king used to reside, which is not hard to guess considering the grandeur it is built on. With large courtyards and beautiful carvings, it was made for the royal family. In fact one James Bond movie was also shot here.


Lake Palce

Must Visit Places Udaipur - The City Of Royals

Also Known as Jag Mahal was made as place to relaxation for the King. Presently it has been taken over by the Taj enterprises and turned into world class Luxury Hotel. Situated in the middle of the lake it’s a perfect getaway for a couple and has been voted the most romantic hotel in India



Bagore Ki Haveli

Must Visit Places Udaipur - The City Of Royals

This is a typical Rajasthani Haveli – residence of the prime minister of the Mewar state back then. You will find huge courtyard with colorful window panels here. This too overlooks the Lake Pichola adding the rural charm in the Haveli. Don’t miss the dance show put up by the locales in the Haveli in evening.

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