Mumbai Haunted Places … Mumbai is the city of opportunities. The city has a ton of stories. A big metro like Mumbai brews with story in every nook and corner. There are success stories, happy stories, tragic tales and some spooky ones too. If you are the one who has always been intrigued about stories of spirits and ghosts then you will surely be interested to know that Mumbai the City Of dreams is as spooky as it can be. We have narrowed down list of places that have something paranormal about them and are best you don’t go alone that side.

St.John Baptist Church

st-john-baptist-church Mumbai Haunted Places

The church was constructed in the year1840 but it wasn’t until 1977 that the haunting began. The church is haunted because of an exorcism gone wrong it’s said to be haunted by a bride who was killed twice. If you are the weak then stay away from the ruins of this church.


Grand Paradi Towers

grand-paradi-towers Mumbai Haunted Places

If you are a mumbaikar then you have definitely heard about this. There have been a string of suicide cases where people have jumped off this sky-high building. People believe that there are sprits of the suicider haunting this residence.


D,Souza Chawl

dsouza-chawl Mumbai Haunted Places

This residence is supposed to be haunted by one of its former residents. There have been many scary stories that the regulars will tell you sure to give you Goosebumps. A woman who fell in the chawl well and died troubles the present residents after the sun down.


Marve And Madh Island Road

marve-and-madh-island-road Mumbai Haunted Places

This is considered to be one of the most romantic and scenic drives in the city extremely popular with couples. But the sprit haunting is not just shutting doors or calling out your name. People have reported to see a bride fully dressed in the middle of road, which in turn have caused fatal accidents.


Brothel No:25 Kamathipura

brothel-no-25-kamathipura-mumbai Mumbai Haunted Places

This brothel has been around since colonial times. At that time it used to be a top favorite of the British Officers. A distraught prostitute is said to haunt customers till date who was not treated well during her time of service.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park

sanjay-gandhi-national-park Mumbai Haunted Places

This is a beautiful tourist spot with amazing Flora and Fauna. But the guards swear of a supernatural presence. There are people asking for lifts then later vanishing in thin air. Super creepy.


Mumbai Haunted Places


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