For any food lover the only thing matter is hi meals. Be it any corner of the world he will only go there if he’s promised lip smacking and mouth-watering dishes he will be there on time. Maybe even before that. Foodie’s love treating their taste buds and experimenting with new flavors and dishes. For a food lover a kitchen is their place of worship and diets are their sworn nemesis. The love of food always yearns to know which place offers what. Today we list you amazing must try food items from the Bollywood capital city Mumbai (Mumbai Food)

  • Vada Pav

vada pao - Mumbai Food

Obviously the most popular dish… one that we have all heard tons of times in movies. The Indian version of burger, No one does justice to them better than our mumbaikars.


  • Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri - Mumbai Food

Imagine having your spicy bhel puri packed in the triangle cone of newspaper and enjoying the taste while on the beach with a chilly wind to accompany you. Sounds perfect. Trust us it is.


  • Bun Maska

BUn Muska - Mumbai Food

A famous breakfast for mumbaikars is the buttery bun bread with their hot cup of tea in the morning. You get to dip the bun in your tea. Sounds simple right? It is and super tasty.


  • Kanda Poha

kanda poha - Mumbai Food

A simple breakfast dish. Its nothing but a healthy poha made out of onions. Make sure you brush after eating it.


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