My short vacation to the Capital city had me really confused about getting a decently good hotel that was reasonable and at the same time centrally located so we could get around easily. The Metropolitan Hotel Delhi is quite close to Connaught Place and was not very pricey, so we booked ourselves here.

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

The Property

This is a typical city hotel, single large tall building with space optimization – rooms face all sides so a large number can be fitted into the tight space. The lobby is a functional space with a circular sofa in the centre, the reception desk at one end and a few stores all around. The restaurants can be accessed from this lobby.
There is also an art gallery and a huge store selling Indian Artifacts in the basement. A few art installations were also placed in the lobby area.

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

The Room
Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

As is with most large city hotels, this room was a little cramped. The bed occupied most of the space and there was no space to add an additional single bed if necessary. There was a rather uncomfortable small sofa at the end near the window. There was also a very large desk on the wall opposite the bed. This was very useful for putting all my shopping at the end of a hectic day outside.

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

The side of the bed had a compact and convenient console to control the lights. Nicely thought in my opinion. The tea and coffee maker was neatly packed in a drawer to fit in all the little sachets without creating any mess.

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

The bathroom had a full glass wall separating it from the room. This seems to be the trend these days – I find it a little disconcerting though. I was traveling with my 5 year old kid and though frosted, the bath area was pretty see through. Not sure if this is the best bet. I would prefer a nice old fashioned brick and mortar wall, but hey, who am I to comment on latest trends.

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi

Metropolitan Hotel Delhi


There were two restaurants that we visited, one buffet restaurant and one Indian restaurant. The food was great in both. The Indian food was delicious, well seasoned and not overly spicy. Breakfast was very crowded but the choice was great.


The service of The Metropolitan was good overall and most of the staff were pleasant. Nothing over the top or extraordinary. The associate who checked us in was a little brusque but that was the only slightly annoying experience, but the rest of the stay was good. The restaurant staff were an absolute delight however.

Overall Thoughts

Agreed The Metropolitan Hotel is not as great as some of the places I have stayed, however for the price point and the location, I really can’t complaint. This is a great budget 5 star with all the facilities and most of the places you want to visit, only a stone’s throw away


Location 4.5/5

Room 4/5

Service 4/5

Value for Money 4/5

The Metropolitan Hotel Delhi Review & Experience
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