Manhattan Travelogue

Each time I have gone to NYC as a vacationer, I have observed a guide to be my closest companion. Becoming more acquainted with the city resemble sorting out a monster jigsaw riddle. With the guide of a guide, the undertaking of becoming more acquainted with another spot turns out to be substantially less difficult and one can pick up an all encompassing diagram of the considerable number of pieces.

Manhattan Travelogue - Manhattan Travel Guide

Manhattan Travelogue – Manhattan Travel Guide


Living in the East Village for a year has permitted me to investigate Manhattan in more prominent profundity and I welcome the differences of the numerous areas in this special city. The Lower Manhattan bicycle visit is a proposed course that components some of my most loved locales and can be finished inside a couple of hours. The visit reviews the accompanying differentiating neighbourhoods: East Village, Lower East Side, Bowery, Chinatown, Little Italy, Civic Center, Financial District, Battery Park City, Tribeca, West Village, Greenwich Village and the Union Square District. The locales recorded in the travelogue are pertinent in 1999 and may change with time.


Manhattan Travelogue - Manhattan Travel Guide


The Lower Manhattan Tourist Map shows the bicycle course that goes with this Travelogue. Destinations are included from the southern tip of the island to 23rd St. The Icon Map and Icon List give a far reaching rundown of Downtown destinations, some of which are included in the bicycle visit. Don’t hesitate to veer off from the visit to visit other Green Mapped locales or traverse the ride over a couple days on the off chance that you wish to invest energy investigating every territory.


Manhattan Travelogue - Manhattan Travel Guide

On the off chance that there is a solitary landmark that catches New York’s differing qualities of society, diversion, business and trade, it is The Empire state Building. Ascending to 102 stories, the perspective from the higher floors is extraordinary. Joined Nations Secretariat Building, Pepsi and Chrystler structures are the highlights of the Eastern View.



Manhattan Travelogue - Manhattan Travel Guide

In the north we have Statue and Tiffany Clock on Grand Central Terminal. The Empire State Building is no more the Tallest in the World, yet that doesn’t prevent it from rousing humanity as it has been doing since 1931.

Situated at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Times Square is famously alluded to as The Crossroads of the World! It is the world’s busiest person on foot convergence and in addition the most went to vacation spot. Times Square is well known for its Bill Boards and glaring Neon Signs. In 1928, the primary running electric sign was raised reporting the triumph of President Hoover in the decisions. Today every working in Times Square is secured with Bill Boards.

Manhattan Travelogue – Manhattan Travel Guide
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