Contrary to backpacking for a year, packing for a long ride is entirely different as it all depends on what and how you pack your stuff. Let’s find out the right bundling of things that make your trip enjoyable – Long Motorcycle Trip Packing

Long Motorcycle Trip Packing

Considerations while you pack for a long motorbike ride:


Are you riding solo or with a group?

If you’re riding solo, you need to consider every possible eventuality and pack all the legitimate things with you to be completely self-sufficient whereas while riding in a group, you can share few insignificant things to lessen the load.

On which bike are you riding?

Is it a cruiser, built for longer rides that have loads of space? Or is it Honda bikes that have detachable panniers or saddle bags or will you need to tie the backpack by using bungee cords?

Where are you riding to?

While packing for longer rides, you should take place you’re heading into your account. In some remote areas, if your bike breaks down, it is impossible to find spares, and you need to find a garage or mechanic after every few kilometers.

Furthermore, you have to consider the climate conditions too. For instance, if it will rain throughout the day, you ought to have waterproof gears.

Will there be a co-rider?

While riding for longer days, it’s nice to have someone to talk as it can be pretty annoying riding alone. However, it also possesses some challenges when it comes to packing. So you need to discuss the things to evade the issue.

Once you’re able to respond these questions, you can go ahead with the packing.

How to do a proper packing:

Develop a system

If you’re going on a road trip for a few weeks or months, sort out the stuff you will need to have like clothes can be at one place and other essential things required for the camping in another. Simultaneously, the thing you will require at the regular intervals should be packed in one section and left ones on the other.

Create a packing list

Create a list of the things you will need to pack then tick them when packed. Still, after packing, go over it a couple of times to check.

Learn some compact packing tips

Though, a motorbike has less space, so, learn some compact packing tips through videos on Youtube or Pinterest. For instance- roll up the entire one-day clothes in a single tee will take less space and even keeps it away from crumble.

Secure your luggage

Can you risk losing your stuff? No, then don’t make a loose knot while tying the luggage to the bike as it can lead to unsmooth rides or even accidents. Secure it well and keep some extra bungee cords to make sure your bags are tied to the bikes.

Whatever your style be, packing the essentials with minimal and light packs is easy to move. Also, ensure, it tightly holds onto the bike that makes you ride in the dusk and dawn.

Long Motorcycle Trip Packing
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