Across the nation, many youngsters have a collective dream to move from their home territory to the cities that boast of enormous job opportunities, cosmopolitan culture, excellent infrastructure, and exciting options for travel and leisure. Hence, Bengaluru is a little marvel for many people for being settling down here.

If in case you’re wondering about the legitimacy of the place then run the page down to know the reasons that make life simply the best in Bengaluru –


Raining Jobs

Bengaluru has established itself as the land of opportunities where money, in turn, grows with the right resources. There is absolute raining of employment here, but not just in IT companies though in e-commerce, digital agencies, biotechs too.

In actuality, Bengaluru accumulates the number of start-ups, and it comes under world’s top 20 cities that are the excellent places for a start-up.


Amazing Weather

If you ask the commuters even from the major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai about Bengaluru, they simply answer – Oh, the weather is so lovely here! It is relatively idyllic! Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. Yeah! And romantic of course!


The Green City

The greenery of the Bengaluru seems the liveliness in harmony amongst man and nature. There are parks such as Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, the many lakes such as Ulsoor and Sarjapur road lake, the tree-lined avenues. Here, people improving the city a better place to live in each day with their Organic Terrace Gardens. It is truly a green city but yet not called for any reason.

Connected To The World

Bengaluru connects everyone within the country and with the world by its commuting services as it has Bengaluru International Airport, which is one of the best airports in the country. In this well-knitted city, transportation cannot be a problem as an upcoming Bengaluru Metro project is progressing to better the transportation facilities within the city. And moreover, Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has launched many buses connecting all localities to the tech park business centers over the past few years.


Education On Par With Global Standards

Regarding education, Bengaluru serves the best from conventional to the worldwide as it has innumerable options for schooling. It has globally encouraged teaching mechanisms where children explore and learn more. Extra-curricular activities are also being encouraged among them as mainstream subjects.


Window To A World Of Travel

Inside the sweep of 100 km, Bengaluru has so many getaway options, be it trekking on the rocks of Kunti Betta or chilling on the shores of Bheemeshwari Cauvery fishing camp. For exploring the city further, you can visit the lush green paradise that is Coorg and Chikmagalur, the historic town of Mysore, Mangalore, Udupi, Hampi, and a lot more options to explore and learn for the nature lovers and history addicts.

Never-ending List of Entertainment Options

Bengaluru reflects the sheer variety of entertainment options available that is just not only referred to movies and malls but a whole lot more happening from stand-up comedy shows and music performances to theater and cooking workshops. It undergoes infotainment in the real spirit. For shoppers, there are numerous flea markets such as Soul Sante that provides a unique experience to Bangaloreans.


A Gold Mine For Investors

The increasing population growth in the city crops up investments in land-based deals from corporate business complexes to villas and apartments. Bengaluru is turning into the perfect place to invest in as there is an excellent return on investment simply on the renting property as well. Thus, this is the reason many apartments and villas are being owned by NRIs. Indeed, even an ordinary man can reap benefits from the same.

Safety For Women

Bengaluru had its issues of general safety, however with everything taken into account a decent place to live in courageously for men, women, and children. Here, companies provide full support to the mothers in nurturing their child by opening in-house daycare such as Ebay offers a feeding room for the mothers, and Flipkart lately announced paternity leave up to six weeks for couples who adopt a child. The city transportation is also for the general safety of working women.


City For The Health Conscious

Bengaluru brings a healthier lifestyle to bring out the best in people, be it at work. Confused! It simply means Bangaloreans simply shows their love to stay healthy by running on the treadmills in the companies that provide in-house gyms or jogging around a park or plan to make trekking trip on every other weekend or participating in marathons or even still people opt to cycle to work.


So, are you convinced to settle down in Bengaluru? Or do I need to say more!
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