Mumbai is the millennium city that makes it a popular destination across the world. Often people do relocate here for work as it is a city loaded with opportunities for every sector.

There is a huge list of general things to do in Mumbai; however, if you always look out of places in a city then you need to be at the right places. Let’s see –

Interesting Things Mumbai

India’s Largest Slum – Dharavi

The largest slum in Asia is located right in the heart of Mumbai and became one of the most interesting places to explore. It is being started in the 19th century for the fishermen, but nowadays it is a home to industries from plastic waste segregation to leather-work to stitching, cooking, and more with a value of over 1 billion USD. When one takes a stroll around the vast slum, it will give a new perspective on work style in Mumbai.

There is an organization called ‘be the local tours’ that was started by a bunch of youngsters for changing the perception for Dharavi, not as a slum area but rather a place where Mumbai runs. The tour costs a minimum price.


Street Art of Bandra

Bandra is a standout amongst the most high-class zones of the city, yet as once it was a town of Mumbai. Since it is brimming with cafés and hang-out joints, it draws the attention of loads of visitors. By walking down in the lanes and by-lanes, you will notice the by-lines of the Bandra splatter with dazzling street art that makes you realize how can some art adds excellence to the place.


Indian Wrestlers In Akhara

Akhara is a space, where wrestling (kushti) has been practiced for years. In Maharashtra, it is called as ‘talim,’ and Mumbai has fifty such talims, but only a few exist. The prominent of those is Shree Laxmi Narayan Vyayam Shala, located at the end of Arthur Road, where boys always do full-time practice. Witnessing a live match between the wrestlers (pehalwan) would be a great experience.


World’s Largest Open Launderette

As Mahalaxmi is well known for the race course and its derby races, and it is also a home to world’s largest launderette (dhobi ghat). Perhaps early morning is the best time to visit the place as every single day it always being buzzed with people around washing laundry from hotels, hospitals, and homes in tons.

With time washermen equipped the place with dryers, yet from the bygone era, the area remains quite authentic as a ‘dhobi ghat.’ One can easily access to it free of cost.

Share Some Time With A Leopard

Mumbai is also a home to Sanjay Gandhi national park, which is extremely well connected by public transport. It is a perfect weekend getaway which enables you to invest quality time in the lap of nature. The park is a home to Kanheri Caves that has a series of Buddhist caves, and there are about 250,000 people lives here along with approximately about 20 leopards.

Because of the closeness, these big cats have often been spotted in the slums and the nearby campus of IIT Mumbai as well.


Stir the explorer in you and discover the city beyond the obvious.


Interesting Things Mumbai
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