Serial killers commit a series of dreadful crimes which sends shivers down the nerves. The crimes get carried on over decades and often the carrying out of the crime is in a similar fashion. Here are world’s Insane Serial Killers who have 100s of victims to their deeds.

  1. John Wayne Gacy
Insane Serial Killers

John Wayne Gacy – Insane Serial Killers


John Wayne Gacy of Chicago, Illinois comes first in the list of serial killers. It is weird how he used to carry out his killings. He would usually dress up as a clown in children’s parties, fund raising events or at parades where it was easier to abduct children. His victims were mostly young and teen boys. He would sexually assault them and then strangulate them to death.

The estimated 33 murders he carried out between 1972 to 1978 gave him death sentence.

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