Travelling is an addiction as they say, “All who wander are not lost”. But don’t we all wish travelling was as easy as we read or see in movies. But if you are planning to travel Incredible India just make sure of these tips in your mind…First Time Trevelers!!

  1. Plan

First Time Travelers

India is a huge expansive country where there are tons of things to see in each and every Indian city. You need to have a very detailed study about the city, make sure that you don’t set too many things to see in a single day as you will end up burning yourself out. In India impromptu plans only work when you are a bit aware of the locals and comfortable with language otherwise make an itinerary and stick to it.


2. Clothing

Shooping, cloths , First Time Travelers


It is best to dress a little conventionally specially for women. Unfortunately it is common that there are men who will be capturing your pictures or videos without your consent. Eve teasing too is extremely common so stick to long skirts and pants. Opt for big T-shirts and loose pants. Make sure you have comfortable shoes.


3. Eating

indian-thali-classic- india - First Time Travelers

Never over eat in a new place. It’s completely understandable that in a new city you tend to try new things but its not advisable considering your stomach is not used to such a new collection of species so it’s preferable to watch what you eat.

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