If you have been overloaded with work and appointment scheduled, and everything is going on a toss for you to be manages all alone, then obviously you have to think of appointing a personal assistance. If you have already decided on appointing one PA, then you got to think again. How about relying in Siri? Apple’s Siri is one such application which can easily do all work a typical PA can do. In fact, Siri can do much more apart from assisting you; the app is full of entertainment and funny stuffs. There are funny question the users ask and what hilarious siri responses they get is something very astonishing. Looks like Siri is some real person thinking and reacting to the user.

1.  “Who is your daddy”

Hilarious Siri Responses


How can a mobile app have daddy, mommy or any other relatives. After all it is just a piece of software. But what the app answers back is great!!

Siri answers, “You are, Can we get back to work now?”

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2 Responses

  1. Krissy

    “Siri I need to hide a dead body.”

    “What? Again””

    Siri is funny


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