These easy to whip up high protein snacks can help you fasten up your metabolism, build strength and muscle, and keep you energetic for a long time.

Get Protein on the Go

Protein may be the magic bullet for a better body. According to a recent study dieters who increased their intake of high-protein foods to 30 percent of their diet ate fewer calories and lost about 11 pounds over 12 weeks. Other than that high-protein foods help your muscles rebuild and recover faster after a workout, and you’ll end up growing muscle tissues that’ll help in the fat burning process and your body will look more toned.

The problem is, none of us is about to pocket a grilled chicken, as the best sources of protein are fish, meat, dairy, beans which aren’t quick and convenient while you’re in a rush. When you’re on the go or too busy to cook, reach for one of these easy peasy proteins instead.

1.    Jerky
High Protein Snacks

High Protein Snacks

One ounce of jerky has 9.4 grams of protein. You can try beef or turkey—both make a flavorful snack. You can have some fruits on the side like a handful of grapes or any seasonal fruit as carbohydrates in them can help prevent muscle breakdown.

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