Take out yourself from a concrete building and move your legs to these amazing spots for a long vacation comes around…Freezing Getaways India

Summers are ready to roast you with its heat, asks you to burn your heads until you find yourself a place to get some cold.

Further is a list of getaways that are perfect for a quick bout of rest and recreation in India. You can at least give your musings a chill if not pack your bags and take off right away! A touch of wandering off in fantasy land doesn’t hurt anybody!

  1. Dras: Second Coldest Inhabited Place In The World

Freezing Getaways India

Dras is popularly known as ‘the Gateway of Ladakh’ which is a lonely town in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a convenient spot of a trek to amaranth, Suru valley, and Saliskot. The average temperature here lies at -22°C.

Be worthy of visiting it, isn’t that right?


  1. Kargil: An Eccentric Spot For Summer Holidays

Freezing Getaways India

Kargil is the coldest place in India which is covered all over by the white snowy mountains. It is to be found along the banks of Suru River (Indus) and settles at an elevation of 2,676 m. There is a noteworthy town of remnants of palaces on hillocks called Pashkum, i.e. 15 km far from Kargil. The temperature here regularly drops to – 48°C.

A fascinating spot to visit!


  1. North-Sikkim: Best Summer Holiday Destination

Freezing Getaways India

Kanchenjunga, one of the tallest peaks has its home in a region of the state of Sikkim. A thick layer of vegetation all around till lofty heights which disappears to Tundra and numerous waterfalls makes it the most scenic place. The temperature drops here till -40°C. Zero point, Yumthang Valley, Lachung monastery and much more are the must-go places.

Go here to take advantage of your mid-year getaways.

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