Having along flight ? We all tend to fill ourselves up after all who knows if the food up there will suit us or not? At times simply because we don’t feel comfortable with an empty stomach and none of us want us to be squirming in our seats while the plane takes off. But not everything you put in your belly is as good as you think. There are few food items which are a strict huge No-No and our medical specialists will give you a huge criticism before actually eating it. We have narrowed down 5 so you can travel in complete comfort… Foods Avoid Flying

Oily Food


I know we all love some French fries or samosa etc. For most of us that is our comfort food. But even under normal circumstances we are advised to stay away from them before boarding a flight such food products increase the risk of a complete heartburn. Something one should always remember.




Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew are all great beverages and we love them. But it might not be such a great idea to have it right before you get on your plane. Such drinks are highly carbonated and will cause sever gas issues in your stomach while on the flighty. You can substitute this with plain water or juice.


Alcohol - Foods Avoid Flying

Foods Avoid Flying

Well, once we are going on a trip we want our party to begin immediately but its best if you hold off drinking alcohol till you get out of the airplane. It can cause more air sickness if you are already prone , while taking off and landing you will feel extremely dizzy and not to forget it dehydrated your body so a very bad hangover is going to be coming your way.


Red Meat

Red Meat

Being a non-veg lover our go-to food is to dig into meat. But you would seriously want to avoid red meat as it takes extra long for our system to completely digest it and can cause you a problem for the whole flight. SO, if you don’t want your co-passengers hating you because of the smell you will emit its better to eat it after you land.


Apples and Broccoli


I know this one might be a little shocking after all, both apples and broccoli are super healthy food that our parents have forced us to eat since day 1. But apples have fiber which makes them difficult to digest and broccoli on the other hand can cause gas. Something you should not eat before you step into flight.


Foods Avoid Flying
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