Fat Loss Weight Loss

Being heavy on our weight, being fat and plump, being plus size; all these can become the greatest enemy of our life. Our constant struggle in shedding our weight finds no results when we are not completely informed and misguide ourselves in the wrong direction.

While fitness enthusiasts focus on fat loss, commoners who are worried about their weight figure consider both fat loss and weight loss to be the same. Instead there is a vast difference in losing weight and losing fat.

Experts highly suggest that one should aim at loosing fat and not weight.

Read further to understand how the two differs from each other and what are the advantages of fat loss instead of weight loss?

How fat loss differs from weight loss?

Weight loss basically means losing fat along with muscle and also water loss. Whereas, fat loss in simple terms mean losing the stored excess fat in the body.

Weight can be lost by crash dieting which isn’t actually a good for health. Fat is lost with proper nutrition and strength training.

While weight loss reduced your fitness level, immunity and performance, fat loss works the other way round. Burning and losing body fat increases strength, fitness level, performance and also reduces the risks of diseases.

While weight loss brings in lots of wrinkles on the skin making you look old, fat loss makes you look young, attractive and strong.

Why should you focus on fat loss instead of weight loss?

If you are heavy on your weight, it is because your body carries excess fat. So, the right way to lose weight is by losing fat.

If you go by the crash dieting way of losing weight, you are actually loosing muscle mass. Losing your muscles means you are slowing down your metabolism. Slow metabolism ultimately means promoting fat gain again. With slow metabolism it is highly impossible to loose fat.

The most efficient way of losing body fat is by cardio exercises, healthy nutritional eating, good sound sleep and stress management along with proper strength training.

Why am I not losing weight?

When you have started with strength training, it facilitates muscles gain along with fat loss. This might not show any reduction in your weight as you are gaining muscles.

Yet, be assured that you are on the right track of losing fat.

Putting it in simple words, two people with same height and weight can look completely different. One with less body fat and more of muscle strength will look attractive as the other one has more fat and no strong muscles.

How to known if I am making good progress?

It is obvious that you will begin feeling good about yourself. You will feel the lightness in your body, the feel of freshness and being active is obvious. You will look attractive with strong muscles.

With reduced body fat, your body will get into proper shape which you have always dreamt of.

Thus, all of us must prioritize fat loss over weight loss. With fat loss you will feel energetic, young, active, fit, healthy, fresh and more confident. Though weight loss is not guaranteed with fat loss, but it is essential to loose excess fat from the body while being healthy at the same time..


Focus On Fat Loss Instead Of Weight Loss - Fat Loss Weight Loss

Fat Loss Weight Loss


Fat Loss Weight Loss
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