We find tremendous changes from one generation to the next where you find things being faster and easier for mankind. Looking behind just 10 years, everything today seems to be new and different. Reforms and transforms occur in an increasing rate and it is a continuous process. You never know in coming days there might be some other means of speedy public transports or nutrient food capsules to save your eating time. But for now you can have some ideal simple fixes for things already in use today. Here are 10 such some desired things or transforms for your today’s needy.

  1. Chewing Gum which Does Not Lose its Flavour

Desired Things


Chewing gum, a freshener for your mouth and chewed for fun has to be seriously reformed. Biting for not more than 10 minutes it losses all its juice and flavour leaving just a rubber. How would it be if the chewing gum never loosed its flavour? Badly waiting for its reformation.

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