Cheap Airline Ticket … Flight tickets go up and down according to their own wish and will. However, flights are the biggest expense in any trip. If you are smart enough you can always find a good deal. The cheapest possible flight ticket at that point of time can be yours if you do your homework before booking your ticket.

Studies reveal that the air fare is driven by the 4 facts; competition, demand, supply and of course the oil price.

Keeping yourself updated with the ever changing nature of the air travel is must to find the best deal for your travel.

Here are few of the information you should note before booking your tickets.

  1. Be Flexible With Your Travel Date and Time

Cheap Airline Ticket

If you are hurrying up along with the mass of travelling people then you are sure to pay high prices for your ticket as that is the time when everyone wants to travel.

Are the kids on holiday? Is it a holiday season? Then expect soaring high prices of the ticket. Weekends are always packed with travellers who want to enjoy with their family. If you choose your travelling day on weekdays, then you are likely to find a cheaper deal.

A slight change in the time and day can help you save loads of your money. Remember, if you are not flexible with your travelling schedule, then you cannot save on your tickets.

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