Delhi is not just the capital of India, it is a cultural hub. It is a centre of various activities. Celebrating fairs and festivals in the capital city is a special experience… Celebrate Diwali

Celebrate Diwali in the cultural hub Delhi

Considering the calendar year, Delhi’s festive season begins with Lohri in the month of January and the list of celebrations goes on until year end. National holidays and festivals have their own unique charm there. Republic day marks the beginning of the national celebrations at the beginning of the year. The perfection and uniqueness in the parade is seen nowhere else.

Delhi plays a major role in sharing the national passion and obsession amongst people all over the country. Every festival is popularly celebrated with great joy and excitement.

Navratri just passed by giving way to the preparation of festival of lights Diwali. If you have missed enjoying the rhythm of dhol at the top Dandiya spots in Delhi, then here is another chance to celebrate Diwali as the capital city shines with happiness.

Usually celebrated in 5 long days, Diwali illuminates heart with joy, spreads happiness and signifies the defeat of the evil. Destination celebration of the festival of Diwali with family and friends can get very special, memorable and increase tenfold.

Celebrate Diwali

Melas and bazaars are a major highlight at Delhi Diwali which brings everybody together at one time. These melas are totally exciting and filled with fun and enjoyment. To name a few most popular and favourite ones amongst Delhiites are Sunder Nagar Diwali Mela, Select city Diwali bazaar, Defence colony Diwali bazaar, Mahotsav Diwali Mela.

The street food festivals are many and the varieties of lip smacking delicacies are never ending to treat your palates.

There are several reasons to travel to Delhi during the upcoming festive season. The details of events, fairs and other cultural activities are available online.

One may plan a trip to Delhi by booking all necessary arrangements online. A perfect itinerary is possible when you plan the trip in advance. There are several sites which allow you to check availability of tickets and book accordingly. From planning your top sightseeing spots to spending your time at the melas, everything can be tailor made and suit your price.

There are several luxury stay options most of which are recognized for award winning hospitality. The Hotel Grand Hyatt, Radisson Hotel, The Oberio, Maurya Sheraton, Taj palace, are few well-known names when it comes to reputed accommodation in Delhi with all services of international standards. Resorts are also an excellent choice to stay in Delhi. Country Club resorts across locations are similar and have good quality.

With travelling made so easy, celebrating Diwali in Delhi with great pomp and joy seems to be the best next thing that should happen.



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