How To Use Burst Mode In iPhone

It’s very simple to click pictures with camera app these days but what if you have to capture moving things? Like jumping, blinking, dancing, flipping. Don’t worry in iPhone camera apple has given you one feature “ Burst Mode ”

What is Burst Mode?

Burst is a shooting mode in still cameras. In burst mode you can capture photographs in quick succession by either holding down the shutter button or pressing. This feature is most useful when the subject is in successive motion. It takes about 10 photos per second.

How to use burst mode?

  1. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone 5s and above

Burst Mode

         2.  In photo mode, hold down on the shutter button to capture 10 frames per second. Release        the shutter button when you’re done capturing.

Burst Mode

         3.  Go to Photos by tapping the photo thumbnail right at the bottom left in the Camera app — or you can follow the regular process by clicking the Home button and launching the Photos app manually.

Burst Mode


        4.  Photos captured in burst mode will appear in the Album with the name of “Bursts” go to the album and select the photo

Burst Mode


         5.  To see all images tap on Select option … at the bottom of the images

Burst Mode

       6.  Scroll through all the photos and tap the blue checkmark on each photo you’d like to keep.

       7.  Once you are done with selecting the images you’d like to keep, Tap on Done in the upper right hand corner

Burst Mode

       8.  Tap Keep Everything > If you want to keep all the photos in your burst
             Tap Keep Only [number] Favorites to keep only the ones you selected (rest will automatically go in trash)


Burst Mode

its done !! if you have any question/query related to iOS device feel free to ask … THANK YOU 

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