Going out and travelling is an addiction. But unfortunately travelling is not a cheap affair unfortunately. One needs to have budget cuts so, that our trips don’t make us go completely bankrupt. Travelling can drain out money especially from students. Today, we give you good 5 tips for Budget Backpacking Tips , which might save your cash if you utilize it properly.

Pick A Partner

Pick A Partner - Budget Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Go Dutch. Ever heard of more the merrier. Have a partner with whom you can share your experience. Also once you have a partner you don’t feel lonely and you can easily split all the bills. Be it a hotel room, or travel expense. You have got company and saved a few bucks too.


Get Your Own Meals

Get Your Own Meals - Budget Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Make instant food your best friend. Carry packets of instant noodles and other packaged food. You will not only save tons of money on daily meals but it will also save you the trouble of looking and finding something edible to eat in a new place. Also your health too in a way will be in safe hands as eating outside can cause stomach problems.


Use Public Transport

use-public-transport - Budget Backpacking Tips and Tricks

It is obviously difficult to use public transport in a new place. After all, you don’t know about the city, and you need to ask at every stop. But here is the deal. It saves a lot of bucks and you get a peak into the lives of the locals.


Travel Light

travel-light-changing-lives-art - Budget Backpacking Tips and Tricks

No, you don’t need to pack 5 pairs of pants with 10 pairs of shoes. Just travel with the amount you will actually need. It saves on the money you would be using, as extra baggage also there is a less worry of you leaving a thing out.



Pre-Plan - Budget Backpacking Tips and Tricks

Surprises are not always good especially if they cost money. Impromptu plans to the new city are never cheap. Have an itinerary beforehand and if possible pay online, you will find best deals online.


Budget Backpacking Tips and Tricks
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