If you’re addicted to bed tea or coffee, it’s time to move on and try something new. Around the world there are different morning drinks other than coffee. Here is the list..Breakfast Drinks Around World.

#6 Miso Soup

Breakfast Drinks Around World

It is a traditional Japanese soup that is made of a stock called ‘dashi’ in which softened miso paste is added. As per personal preference you can add more flavours to it.


#5 Hefeweizen

Breakfast Drinks Around World

Because Germans still love waking up to beer and do not get to seem bored of this tradition. This beer is served unfiltered with a bit of yeast floating.


#4 Hot Soy Milk

Breakfast Drinks Around World

In China, youtiao is the perfect accompaniment for soy milk. This mild protein rich beverage became famous and is sold from early hours in morning till date.


#3 Api Morado

Breakfast Drinks Around World

In Bolivia, api morado is the favourite drink which is grape-coloured, thick and creamy and served hot. It is made with purple corn flour, sugar, water and spiced with cinnamon and cloves.


#2 Chocolate En Leche De Coco

Breakfast Drinks Around World

This Colombian hot chocolate is made in a special pot called chocolatera. There are varieties of these chocolate drinks.


#1 Wattlecino

This drink from Australia is made from the wattle seeds from the native acacia tree. Just like coffee, the seeds are steeped in hot water and added to milk creating an aromatic drink.

Time to move on from the routine coffee mornings now..


Breakfast Drinks Around World
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