You might have wondered why do you gain weight quickly in-spite of eating so less, and on the other hand your friend eats a lot but never gains weight…Boost Metabolism Loose Fat.

Metabolism is the reason why some people can eat everything yet don’t gain weight at all. When the metabolic rate is high, food is broken down to energy even when the person is resting. Lucky are those people whose Basal Metabolic Rate is high naturally without any effort.

Boost Metabolism Loose Fat

Boost Metabolism Loose Fat

In simple words, metabolism is the process where food gets broken down releasing energy which is essential to perform our daily basic functions like breathing, eating, sleeping, digesting food, and more.


What Causes Metabolism To Slow Down?

Here are few reasons for slow metabolism –

  • No exercising
  • Very low body mass
  • Not eating at regular timings
  • Eating fat food in large quantity
  • Crash dieting by starving
  • Deficiency of protein
  • Stressed life routine
  • No proper sleep
  • High alcohol consumption
How To Speed Up Metabolism?

Increasing your metabolism is the quick and safest way to loose body fat. It is the best and most healthy way to keep your body fit.


Begin With Strength Training

If you lift weight, you will be able to build muscles. More muscles mean you are burning more calories, because every single pound of muscles uses at-least 6 calories in a day for sustaining. Thus, building muscles improves metabolism.


Try and Perform Compound Exercises

Compound exercises like deadlift, squats, barbell row, pull-ups, and such which boosts Human Growth Hormone. These exercises work on bigger group of muscles resulting in higher hormone response.


Run-Walk Workout

Walk for 2 minutes and then run for 1 minute, do this continuously for 30 minutes. This is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which burns more calories in short period of time which eventually increases metabolism. Similar HIIT exercises are sprint intervals, treadmill intervals, football, tennis.


Eat Healthy Small Meals Frequently

Every time you eat, you actually stimulate your metabolism. So, your metabolism depends on how often you eat. Eating small quantities of healthy food every 2 hours is how you can feed your muscles and burn fat.


Vegetables and Proteins

Eating frequently does not mean eating junk. Include vegetables and healthy source of proteins in your diet. Eat muscles building foods like lentils (dal), fish, eggs, whey protein, spinach , chickpeas, kidney beans, broccoli, cheese, soybeans, yogurt, milk.


Include Metabolism Boosters In Your Daily Food

Chilli, pepper, ginger, lemon, green tea; these metabolism boosters are extremely helpful as they can burn large amount of extra calories without any effort. When you add these into your regular daily food, they speed up the digestion.


Do Not Attempt ‘Crash Dieting’

Crash Dieting is the worst thing you can do to your metabolism. When you starve yourself with the hope of losing weight, you are actually losing your muscles. This rapidly slows down your metabolism.


Strictly ‘NO’ To Late Night Eating

Your metabolism slows down when you are asleep as your body does not need any energy. Thus, all the additional unwanted food gets turned into fat. So, have your food well in advance before you go to bed.

Understanding the Metabolism and speeding up the rate is not that a complicated topic. By watching the food you intake and following proper strength training, you can safely lose your weight.


Boost Metabolism Loose Fat
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