Best Places Eat Amritsar … A typical Punjabi city, bit loud with warm and affectionate people everywhere, where food is as important as sharing happiness. Till now you will find the small adorable rickshaws, women with parandi in their hair.

This city is the perfect blend of modern and culture roots working together. For any food lover this city is a paradise on earth. You will get the authentic desi food with full rounded spices that are going to leave you asking for more helpings. We have narrowed down 7 places you have to let yourself feast before leaving the city.

Guru Ka Langar

guru-ka-langar Best Places Eat Amritsar

I am sure if you are going to go to Amritsar you will visit Harmandir Sahib. The langar they serve here is done in the Gurudwara itself where everyone is treated as an equal and made to eat in the same room together.

The food served by the volunteers is extremely yum, maybe because of god’s grace, considering that it has a taste like nothing else. Maybe it’s because discrimination and inequality are things that are not tolerated within the walls of the sacred place.


Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale

bhai-kulwant-singh-kulchian-wale Best Places Eat Amritsar

This shop is located It’s few steps from Harmandar saheb (Golden Temple). Very simple and desi type of place… its not a fine dining restaurant. but the Kulchas served there are amazing, fresh, tasty and mouth watering. Believe me if you ignore the aesthetics of this place and try (Potato) Kulcha , you will thank me later.


Paya At Pal Da Dhabha

Punjabi’s love to eat non-veg and they eat the best. If you are by any chance a lover of typical Indian Dhabha then you have to go near Hathi gate and dip your taste buds in the Paya made by the chef’s here. It is just the perfect blend of spices and taste. It is so soft that it will just melt in your mouth.


Bharawan Da Dhaba

bharawan-da-dhaba Best Places Eat Amritsar

If you visit Punjab and don’t get your hands on the typical Punjabi food well then your trip is kind of a waste. Visit the Bharawan Da Dhaba near Town Hall to get yourself some Makki Di Roti, Sarson ka Saag or the best amritsari Kulche. This one is for all the vegetarians as the place is 100% for non-meat eaters.


Ahuja Lassi

ahuja-lassi Best Places Eat Amritsar

Buttermilk is like the national drink of Punjab. No, your day will stay incomplete till the time you don’t down one huge glass of thick creamy lassi. The best in town ask anyone if you don’t believe us is Ahuja Lassi. It is located near BK Dutt Gate near Hindu College. The best way to beat the Amritsar heat.


Novelty Sweets

gajar-ka-halwa Best Places Eat Amritsar

You can get your quota of dessert without burning a hole in your pocket. They are popular for their gajar ka halwa and rasmalai. This is located at Lawrence road and the prices are pretty affordable too.


Kanha Sweets
pinni-kanha-sweets Best Places Eat Amritsar

Best Places Eat Amritsar

After you had your fill with the main course its time to treat yourself with some sweets. Kanha sweets which Is located in Dayanand Nagar is popular for satisfying your sweet tooth. The most famous is pinni made from pure desi ghee but the calories are completely worth it.


Best Places Eat Amritsar
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