Getting married is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. Below is the list of Best Destination Wedding Locations India.



udaipur - Best Destination Wedding Locations India

Udaipur the city of forts, it is the most royal city in the whole country. The city of utmost luxury and regality, you should get married in the most Rajput way ever. With extreme pomp and show. A wedding straight out of the book of history



jaipur -Best Destination Wedding Locations India

The capital of the state of Rajasthan, The city is supremely warm and affectionate you can swear your vows in the way possible. This city is known for the love stories between the kings and queens the city with so much love in its history Is perfect for you to get married in.



kerala Best Destination Wedding Locations India

If you want to get married in a unique way then get married on water after all everyone gets wedded on land. In Kerala’s backwaters there are special Mandap boats which will take you in the sea where you can get married.


Andaman And Nicobar Islands

andaman-and-nicobar-islands Best Destination Wedding Locations India

For a perfect beach wedding you have to fly to Andaman And Nicobar Islands. The best part about getting married here is that you and your family will get some privacy and can hold a close intimate ceremony with ease.


shimla Best Destination Wedding Locations India

The most romantic place to get married is definitely amidst the hills in between the clouds having an aerial view of the world beneath. Get married in the capital of Himachal Pradesh for a cozy wedding.




It is known as the desert capital of the city. The beautiful city can actually marry you off like a queen.. You can book a place like Umaid Bhawan to get married like many huge stars have done Katy Perry, etc.


Neemrana Fort

neemrana Best Destination Wedding Locations India

This one is perfect if you are a resident of Delhi. A destination wedding where everyone you know can visit. Being in Neemrana Fort will be your picture perfect fairytale wedding.



goa Best Destination Wedding Locations India

If you and your partners are complete party lovers then you have to get married in Goa. After promising to be with each other forever. You and your friends can go wild on beach swim take a dip, enjoy water sports and have a gala time.



jaisalmer Best Destination Wedding Locations India

Another Rajasthan city, which has massive forts, palaces and this city is highly rich in culture. You get to get married in typical Rajasthani style with their complete customs and rituals.



agra Best Destination Wedding Locations India

The city of love, there are tons of hotels, which will be overlooking the Taj Mahal that you can book, so you feel like the famous couple whose love has lived on forever.


Best Destination Wedding Locations India


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