Being clean and tidy is important in every body’s life. For some, tidiness comes naturally, while some are forced to clean up once in a while, while some others find some awesome trick to make things neat. Here are few tricks you can try out if you are lazy and messy…Awesome Cleaning Tips Lazy People.

Greasy Fingerprints On The Wall

Awesome Cleaning Tips Lazy People | TrendingFeeds

Finger prints and dirt accumulate on the wall over a period of time. To get rid of the greasy finger prints from the wall, you just have to use chalk pieces.

Rub chalk piece over the affected parts of the wall and wipe with a damp cloth. You will find your wall as new as ever.


Easy Dusting The Floor With Socks

Awesome Cleaning Tips Lazy People | TrendingFeeds

Dusting the floor or cleaning with vacuum is a task that needs lots of effort for lazy people. Instead of doing the dusting job manually, wear this special socks and do the cleaning job automatically when you walk around the house.


Microwave The Dish Wash Sponge

Awesome Cleaning Tips Lazy People | TrendingFeeds

Dish wash sponges and scrubbers also need to be kept clean. Germs and bacteria build up on these materials easily.

So, a quick trick is to microwave the sponges for few minutes. Do this only with the non metallic sponges.

Cleaning Ventilation Grills With Butter Knife

Awesome Cleaning Tips Lazy People | TrendingFeeds

Ventilation grills can hold loads and loads of dust and might get blocked and jammed permanently if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning these tiny gaps can be challenging. An easy trick is to use a butter knife and a cloth to clean the gaps.


Vodka For Cleaning Mattresses

Awesome Cleaning Tips Lazy People | TrendingFeeds

There are some cool uses of vodka. You can clean up your mattresses by spraying vodka all over and rubbing off with a sponge or towel. It will kill all the germs.

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