The Home button on iOS devices is probably the most important one. Pressing this single button can take you to the home screen no matter what you are doing. If you double and triple tap on the button it will give you few additional functions. AssistiveTouch 

A technical device has its own pros and cons, so its possible when sometimes you use the home button extensively it becomes unresponsive.

Keeping this situation in mind apple has given you an option of “AssistiveTouch”. This feature provides options to access all the regular iDevice features through the touchscreen

Follow these steps to enable AssistiveTouch in your iOS device

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on General – Then tap Accessibility
How to Use AssistiveTouch

How to Use AssistiveTouch

  • Scroll down to the section “INTERACTION” and tap on “AssistiveTouch
  • Slide the button to on (so that the green background shows) now you will see a white circle with a grey box (Assistive Touch button) will appear on screen.

How to Use AssistiveTouch  

Using AssistiveTouch

 See a white circle with a grey box (Assistive Touch button) on your screen. It should be on the screen, whatever app you’re in

Move the button around if required. You can just hold it with your finger and put it around the screen to any location according to your preference

Tap the button for options. Once you tap that button you will see a screen pop up with several following options.

Home – Tapping this will acts like the iDevice’s usual Home button.

Favorites – this option will give you a menu that you can customize for more gestures.

Siri – Will take you to Siri menu.

Device – Gives you some customization options like, rotate screen, mute or unmute sounds, increase / decrease volume, lock screen, and access more options.

How to Use AssistiveTouch

How to Use AssistiveTouch

Clicking on “More” under “Device” will give you access to more options, which you will not be able to perform otherwise

  • Multi-Finger Touch Gestures
  • Taking a Screenshot
  • Access To The Multitasking Screen
  • Shaking The Phone

How to Use AssistiveTouch


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How to Use AssistiveTouch
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